360 and VR Video Production

360 and VR Video Production

We started developing interactive videos in 2014, and our first 360 video production was an immersive Renault Clio virtual test drive experience. This formed part of the infamous Va Va Voom campaign which generated 6 million views. Over the past five years we’ve continually refined our approach to creating immersive 360 video experiences. By working alongside brands as diverse as Renault and Pepsi Max, we’ve certainly been kept busy. 

Once we’ve defined the creative approach and thinking, we move into the VR production stage. This will either be through a live shoot using a 360 rig, through an entirely animated approach, or a combination of the two. Whichever approach we follow, we will always ensure the finished film attains the highest standard of finish by creating a flawless VR video by stitching the footage together using the latest market leading software such as Adobe and Mistika VR.


The technology now inside even the cheapest VR headsets means adding interactivity to your VR film is now possible, meaning your customer can experience their own unique journey. Giving a choice of storylines, or the ability to choose to click on key facts as they watch, means the viewer is fully engaged in your brand from start to finish. 

VR Environments

We can create beautiful, unique environments and showrooms, and using the latest technology your customer can physically walk around and interact with your latest products and films. Whether you are using VR at trade shows or as part of a customer experience set-up in your office, your customers will love this new way of interacting with your brand.

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360 Virtual Tours

Our sister company, Virtual Property Tours by Spark, produce 360 virtual tours using Matterport, as well as photography, floor plans, and promotional videos to estate agents looking for effective and efficient ways of marketing their clients homes.

Virtual Tours have been around for a few years, however recently the technology has greatly improved. We use the best software technology on the market, Matterport, with the highest spec 360 camera available. This combination gives the user the experience of feeling like they are walking through the property, getting a much better understanding of the space than they would from still photography alone.  

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