Xander Zhou Fashion show

Filmed with four 360 cameras to create a unique film style for use on social channels

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As well as creating a normal 360 film for the brands many followers to watch as if they were in the audience, the client wanted to create a unique look using four 360 cameras, to capture the clothing in a new and interesting way.


Most of the time 360 cameras are used to create 360 films, however for this project the client wanted to use the footage in a equirectangular format. They wanted to compliment the clients brand style for the show, “Homo Multiversals”, looking at how people could exist in more than one world, or dimension. Using four 360 cameras, (16 cameras angles in total) we played with the many angles 360 cameras can give you, creating an array of eye catching, alternative shots, constantly changing how the viewer perceived the clothing and the show experience itself. With 360 cameras, the number of options of how you view the footage is huge, and the client loved the way their brand ethos came across in the film style. 

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