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Create a large scale shareable digital campaign that positions the Citroen brand alongside the sentiment of ‘be different, feel good’, while also encouraging customers to sign up to a 24 hour test drive across the UK.


Who is the happiest person you’ve ever met?’ Everyone tends to remember those who have brightened their day with an unexpected gesture or kind word. So we decided to travel the UK to find the happiest people out there, so that their cumulative experiences could create ‘Citroen’s Perfect Day’ and alleviate the January blues!

The resulting series of films have become a celebration of everything that makes the UK so unique, diverse, and happy. The campaign hopes to lift the mood of a nation, and spans over a dozen films alongside a fully integrated digital campaign. This is further supplemented by a unique promotion where Citroen are offering everyone the opportunity to create their own Perfect Day by enjoying a 24 hour test drive.

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