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To produce an online video to both explain and advertise Easytherm’s new easy to use digital thermostat.


Using a combination of photorealistic 3D animation and a whimsical hand drawn sketched character, we explained the benefits of EasyTherm’s easily programmable smart controller.

The core creative idea tells the story of how the smart controller can help to revolutionise your home heating by putting you in more control. The central character brings humour and an emotional connection to the video, by acting out the various situations which the consumer might experience.

The most important thing about a video like this is the product. Here at Spark & Ignite, we ensured that with the camera’s POV squarely focused on the product throughout, the viewer is in no doubt as to what the video is all about.

Now sitting on their website, the video has been well-received and has made their smart controller product much easier to understand for new and existing customers alike.

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