TV Commercials

TV Commercial Production

With over a decade’s experience creating and producing TV adverts for a huge range of brands across multiple sectors, we are firmly established as one of the most creative and responsive TV advertising agencies in London.

Science, art and the right creative minds – those are the necessary ingredients to generate compelling, new and relevant ideas. We always start by defining the right strategy to meet your communication objectives.

This integration of strategy, creative and production enables us to reach the strongest possible ideas and seamlessly turn them into reality. The way we are structured also enables us to move into the production phase significantly faster than most TV advertising agencies.


New and emerging brands

Over our many years in the industry we have also developed a knack for helping new and emerging brands that are advertising on TV for the first time. Our approach is underpinned by defining clear communication and creative strategies that will endure by positioning the brand competitively and distinctively from the outset.


We are also able to handle the process of clearing your advertisement through Clearcast. With extensive experience in managing the process directly on behalf of our clients, we will always ensure approval is achieved without compromising advertising effectiveness.

As leaders in TV advertisement production, we know what works well and what doesn’t – so whether you’re looking for a creative new ad idea, or already have one in mind and want to get started, talk to the team at Spark and Ignite today.

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