product videos

Product Launch Videos

Product videos are a simple yet highly-effective way of showcasing a new product launch or shedding some more light on an existing product, but there is much more to a successful product launch video that meets the eye. Prior to your product launch, developing a series of teaser videos is the perfect way to build up anticipation for your potential customers. With anticipation levels high, the final product video has to have real impact to showcase the product at its best. At Spark and Ignite we have a long history of highly successful product launch videos to our name. No matter what the product on offer, we can deliver the videos you need to bring it to market in a big way.

Live Action Studio Shoots

A live-action film shoot of the actual product can be the best way to show the unique features in a tactile, dynamic and accurate way. Whilst CG animation is almost always an option, there’s nothing quite like a live-action shoot to show the product in a real world environment. If a simple look and feel video is required, live-action can be the most cost-effective and timely way to produce an effective video, when the flexibility of CG is deemed unnecessary.

Online product videos

Placing your product video alongside your product on an eCommerce site is proven to increase conversion and sales. Get it right and you can even encourage sharing of the video amongst your consumers to really give your product the online sales push that it needs. From our experience with viral marketing, we understand the unique challenges of engagement in the online marketplace, and can work with you to give your video the best possible chance of capturing your customers’ imagination and boosting the online sales of your product.

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