social and pr videos

Digital Advertising

With digital advertising now overtaking traditional TV and print in terms of spend, it’s now more important than ever to ensure films are relevant not only for your audience, but for the platform its being viewed on. As customers engage with videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, in portrait or landscape, sound on or off, ensuring your film works for all without the need for multiple shoots is vital. At Spark and Ignite, we have seen how video content has evolved on social, and know what works for each platform.


Getting a well known face in your film can add huge PR value, and we have worked alongside many celebrities in our films. Often we are approached by agencies that have a celeb on board, but are un-sure how to use them in their film. We can help with structuring initial ideas, writing scripts, and of course working with the celebrity on set to get the best film possible.

GIFS and stills

Making the most of the filming day is key, especially when you re using a celebrity in your campaign. As well as creating different versions of the main video, we can create GIFS that can be used as part of the social response, and we often work alongside photographers to ensure you can get the best stills to promote the campaign across all parts of the media.

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